Working together means that we can provide the best possible outcomes for all of our children.

At Heathfield Academy we are proud of how closely we work with our parents. We have a number of events planned during the year which give our parents and carers opportunities to come into school and spend some time with their children in class.  We are very grateful for the unwavering support that we receive from our families.

This is what some parents have to say about our learning together sessions:

Growth mind-set

“I could see good progress in writing and reading. I enjoyed working on the story with my daughter and I could see her determination to try to write full sentences.”

“I enjoyed seeing how the kids learn in the classroom and more importantly the co-ordination of the morning and the quality of the teaching and the learning environment.”



“I am very happy with the standard of learning and the enthusiasm with the way the children respond.”

“I enjoyed seeing how much my daughter has progressed. I am very impressed at how much she has learnt.”

“We learnt the sounds of the letters ourselves.  Now I know how to support my son at home more.”



“It was a good opportunity to see how my daughter is progressing and learning.”

“It was lovely to see how engaged my son was. It is nice to see him listening and concentrating – it doesn’t happen at home.”

“It was good to see my daughter interacting in a different environment outside of her home. I enjoyed seeing her willingness and enthusiasm to learn and also her ability to work in a team.


Previous learning together sessions

We held our Growth mind-set “Learning Together Session” held on Wednesday 3 February 2016.